Bio: I write and edit picture books for children. "Scissortown," a fantasy tale for children between the ages of four and eight, asks two questions. First, “How would a small town—well-ordered and supremely manicured—look after invasion by a horde of pink-slippered ‘Slicers and Dicers’ who cause the townspeople to hide all their cutting tools?” And then—“How does life go on when nobody can cut anything at all?” Although it is pure fantasy, this story was written for another purpose besides entertainment—promotion of kindness and initiative in even the youngest of children. Two different inside back covers containing either a Faith-Based or a Life Application promote these qualities in the follow-up to this engaging tale. "Marie and Mr. Bee" is the story of a happy little girl who lives in a cabin in the woods, working and playing with her forest friends . . . until a not-so-busy bee entices her to neglect her work! Compassion, forgiveness, and a forever friendship follow. Marie uses a wheelchair, which is clear from the pictures. However, there is only one reference to the chair in the text—when she wheels the ailing Mr. Bee back to her cabin after his expulsion from the hive. Some people appreciate the fact that the disability is present without being the focus. Others are pleased to see someone with a disability in the role of rescuer. Like "Scissortown," "Marie and Mr. Bee" comes in two versions: a Proverbs 12:14b Version and a Regular Version. "Little Bunny's Own Storybook" answers the question, "What's a little rabbit to do when his favorite place closes for inventory?" It is a celebration of libraries, literacy, family, and the initiative and creativity of children (both human and rabbit). My books are available on Amazon. I edit non-fiction and "squeaky clean" fiction, and also help adults improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

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